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Stealin is a fast paced strategy game about conquering new territories! Called by many a combination of Qix , JezzBall and tanks, it’s a new engaging game from Binary Banana studio.


In Stealin, player is following the story of Sergeant Jaworski and Lieutenant Bradley, who are the last soldiers that can defeat general Stealin. Using the most advanced tank, they travel through the Stealinstan and recapture the land unlawful taken by Stealin’s soldiers.


On their way, they will pass meadows, deserts, snowstorms and swamps, they will fight with various enemy types, capture enemy barracks, struggle with fuel and time limits and general Stealin itself.


During the journey, player will also discover many interesting historical facts about tanks, like “who invented first tank”, “why tanks are called tanks” or “what was the biggest tank ever built”.


The game finishes with the final battle against general Stealin, crazy soldier that rids on the bear and has ability to retake the land player already captured. Those players who manage to complete the game, are welcome to play one bonus level but they will have to finish all levels with maximum number of stars.



The player controls a tank on the map by swiping and holding the finger on the screen. Map is divided by enemy and player land with a barbed fence. The goal is to move the tank into enemy territory and draw a line in an attempt to create a closed shape. When completed, the captured area becomes players and player is rewarded with points. To complete a level, the player must claim defined per level percentage of the playfield, usually between 80% and 90%.


Stealin icon Player will lose the game when enemy soldier touch the tank or uncompleted shape when drawing. The player cannot defend against the enemies and can only outmaneuver them in order to survive. Enemy soldiers can only move and bounce inside closed by barbed fence areas.


Levels difficulty increases with the introduction of new enemy types, buildings, obstacles on the map and new game constraints like limited fuel and time.




Game story

A cruel revolutionist named Stealin successfully led rebellion and in just few years, on the peaceful territory that was used to be called Homeland, formed a new country, Stealinstan. The only one standing region is Whiteslope, a small land in the Western part of Homeland, famous from the strongest and toughest men who don't accept the Stealin's authority. With the last savings they smuggled the most advanced tank, which now player, as Sergeant Jaworski, will use to recapture the land and bring back the peace to the world.

Fact Sheet

·          Name: Stealin

·          Genre: Strategy, Arcade

·          Supported platforms: Android, iPhone and iPad

·          iOS:

·          Android:

·          Price: $2.99

·          Release date: 3/5/2016


·          35 levels with unique way to solve,

·          1 bonus level, unlocked when player gets 3 stars in all levels,

·          Two difficulty levels, easy and normal. In easy player can earn maximum 2 stars, in normal 3,

·          Two levels constraints, game limited by number of attacks or by time,

·          Historical facts about tanks and military during the game,

·          Full Game Center and Google Play support for leaderboards,

·          Engaging game story with Lieutenant Bradley and Sergeant Jaworski,

·          Simple control with swipe and hold to move,

·          Available in 13 languages: English, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, French, Danish, Polish and German,

·          Enemy types, obstacles and items:

-        green soldier, basic enemy that bounces from the walls (called Marines)

-        black soldier follows the walls (called Black Beavers)

-        red soldier, similar to green but very fast (called Red Koalas)

-        yellow soldier changes the direction randomly - turns left, right or goes back (called Yellow Turtles)

-        blue soldier moves with the increasing and decreasing speed (called Drunk Fishes)

-        water terrain is where soldiers and player are moving slower

-        jeep bounces from the walls but doesn’t slow down on the water

-        battalion is a group of soldiers that is moving like green soldiers but generates new 5 soldiers during the game

-        general Stealin moves very fast and when bounce from the walls steals that land from the player

-        gas containers add to player’s tank 3 attacks on enemy land

-        barrack is a building that generates soldiers (up to 5 maximum)


Stealin enemy soldier Stealin enemy soldier Stealin enemy soldier Stealin enemy soldier Stealin enemy soldier Stealin enemy soldier Stealin enemy soldier Stealin enemy soldier

Stealin enemy Stealin enemy


Game teaser: ( 29 sec


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Level 15 1:12


Level 25 4:46


Gameplay levels 1-5 and intro ( 7:52


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Stealin gameplay level 10


Stealin screenshot Stealin screenshot


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Initial brainstorming and prototyping began in July 2014. In about six months, working prototype was completely redesigned due to issues with colliders. New 2D matrix approach was used instead. The last design change forced us also to build our own physic engine but at the same time let us have a full control over the game performance. Last 12 months were spent on getting the game art, social plugins and alpha/beta testing.


In December 2015 we did a soft launch of Stealin HD, version available only on iPads. We use gathered feedback to improve game controlling, levels difficulty and tutorial. Improved version is released on Android and iOS as universal app.


Game is created using Unity 3D and leverages plugins like Facebook SDK, Everyplay SDK, Google Play OBB Downloader and Google Play Games plugin for Unity.


Game art and assets were designed by Krystian Karpiuk:

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